Features & Benefits

  • Solid color-through virgin vinyl maintains a natural appearance and will not chip, peel, corrode, rot or requires painting or scraping.
  • Multi-Chambered I-Beam structural mainframe provides superior strength and rigidity while offering the most adaptability for all installation methods.
  • Modern fusion-welded beveled frame combines excellent energy efficiency and beautiful aesthetic appeal.
  • 5 degree sloped sill and internal water management channels weep water away from your home.
  • Low-profile fusion-welded sashes subtly frame the view and allow abundant natural light into your home.
  • Shadow-grooved sash welds give the consistent appearance of mitered wood joints.
  • Integrated sash interlock system eliminates drafts and provides secure protection unwanted elements. High Interlock placement affords an pleasantly uncluttered lock rail while providing tamper-proof peace of mind. Dual weatherstripping at the meeting rail supplements the design, providing the ultimate protection against air infiltration.
  • Bio-Maxx Composite cam locks will never rust or break and proved a secure defense against forced entry. Two locks are standard on windows over 24” wide




  • Safe Home Night Locks meet ASTM standards for forced entry, delivering the luxury of ventilation along with the unparalleled safety and security of a secondary lock.


  • Extruded lift rails are an integral part of the sash design, giving seamless beauty and ergonomic fingertip-functionality that will last a lifetime.


  • Heavy-duty G3 stainless steel constant force balance system maintains flawless sash alignment while offering the industry’s smoothest and quietest operation.
  • Full balance covers conceal the balance operating track and give a clean, finished appearance.
  • Ample weatherstipping consists of synthetic wool pile with mylar fin strip that guards against air and water leakage.
  • Double paned glass enhances insulation and reduces sound transmission.
  • PPG’s Intercept Warm Edge spacer system’s structural design gives the best combination of energy efficiency and longevity, virtually eliminating condensation and seal failures.
  • Extruded aluminum slimline screen frame with integrated removal tabs resists bowing and denting.
  • Patented Bettervue ™ screen mesh increases airflow and improves insect protection by utilizing a 30% smaller mesh opening and thinner fibers than standard screens. The result is higher light transmittance, improved curb appeal and a significantly clearer view from inside or out.

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